As a Financial Planner, the biggest obstacle I see people struggle with are their emotions around money.  I’ve seen the spectrum from abject fear, confusion, denial to massive anxiety and overwhelming stress. I call it “The Financial Fetal Position”.  Unlike basic math or English, there is no baseline for what we know about money, because no one ever taught us. Based on my research, if you do have a handle on your finances it’s because you were one of the (few) lucky ones that learned those skills from your family.

Where did we learn about money?  

Parents / Family

Spouse / Partner

Continuing Education

Trial & Error

When you look at it that way your feelings makes sense.  It’s like me giving you car keys and saying “drive” without  giving you driving lessons… terrifying in all respects.


So what can you do?


  • See the situation for what it is and let yourself off the hook – this isn’t your fault and you are not alone

  • Seek out a trusted financial resource, someone you resonate with who can educate, guide  and empower you to act in your own best interest as you embark on your financial education journey


Imagine how different your life would be if you purposefully chose a Financial Education.

Envision how good it will feel to become the empowered master of your Finances, without fear or judgement.

How would financial confidence allow you to free up your energy and enjoy more of your life?