What do people have to say about working with Pauline.

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I recently had a walk-in clearing with Pauline and the results have been profound.   They are subtle yet significant.  I have a feeling of knowing that I am breaking new ground and in unfamiliar territory.  I have experienced a new birth or a re-birth, a freeing of some kind.  I have less energy drain,  fewer physical symptoms such as a “heavy “ head.  There is a lightness, a new peace, a trust in knowing something significant has happened.  I will remember the date it happened, perhaps I always will.

The first walk-in came at the age of five, I have not been sovereign since then.  There were multiple walk-ins; all I had made deals and negotiations with that I was not conscious of that kept me limited in possibilities because I could not operate outside the hidden agreements.  There were also hidden walk-ins that took some work to find.  I appreciated how thorough Pauline was in clearing everything.  She did not stop until it was all revealed and all cleared.   I am grateful for that.

Since the clearing I have made several large decisions that have come easily to me without the backlash and internal voices of second guessing and unworthiness.  My intuition is stronger.  I know what is for my highest good and can act on it without hesitation.  I feel whole, complete, more of who I truly am.  I have greater trust in myself and less concern for what others think of me. These changes have been subtle and noticeable.  I have a greater sense of overall well being and confidence in life.

I value Pauline’s experience, her willingness to go wherever is needed, boldness in doing so and support through the process.
When we were done and the clearing was complete, I was speechless.  There were no words to describe how I felt.  I could only say “Thank you sooo much.”   This thankfulness came from my whole being,

Cheryl G.

Pauline McGuire is a woman of exceptional integrity and noble character where one has the great good pleasure of literally experiencing the virtures of chivalry through the sacred guardianship of her heart. She is truly gifted in uncovering the hidden cause of your most enigmatic blind spots, and her dedication to unveiling the root issue of a pattern is absolutely top notch!

She is bringing to the field of Walk-In integration what PMH Atwaters brought to the research of childhood Near Death Experiences in her ground breaking awareness on how to address the many difficult layers of multi-dimensional coherence. Pauline’s expertise on how to navigate the many variables of childhood walk-ins as well as how it impacts an entire family system is remarkably insightful, and she’s a talented specialist in tuning into the core fundamental needs and highest priorities of one’s bio-temple.

If you would like to entrust your most challenging blocks to health, fulfillment or wellbeing to a quantum blueprint adept, then Pauline is an ideal choice for significant transformational ugrades – across all ages. Her years of training in a diversified background of conscious modalities will serve your awakening and growth in the most postive divine path and plan possible!!

Devi G.

Words fail when I try and sum up the totality of my experience working with Pauline McGuire.

Pauline is not simply a gifted channel, Seer and Healer. Pauline, in my eyes, really embodies the true meaning of love and light.

Upon first meeting with Pauline, I was at a true spiritual and emotional crossroads. 

Recommended by a fellow spiritual intuitive, I was told Pauline was an expert in clearing conflict in my system relating to both previous traumas, as well as complications due to my own evolution and awakening.

On this path, I have had firm doubts that I was going through what I felt was happening to me.

Pauline was a pivotal key to giving me this guidance, as well as using her gifts to clear out any conflicts, whether external or internal.

In this process, she became not just a “therapist”, but a guide, and ultimately a true friend and confidant.

One of my fondest memories came when I was working with her at a very profound and troubling time. At that point, I felt as if I could not continue this path… that everything I was feeling, and intuiting was a lie. I wanted to quit. 

She smiled…. there is something about that smile… a wisdom and a love and a knowing that can’t be conveyed unless you truly experience it… and she said simply: “I know this is hard, everyone who will say yes to this path experiences it.  However, I hope you do, you are very gifted, and we need you”.

It was simple, it was kind, and it was confirmation… that someone I believed in truly believed in me.

I give my highest recommendation to Pauline and her healing work. She mixes the high-level talent, skill set and objective nature of a corporate executive with the love, kindness and generosity of an empath and true light being.

Stephen H.

  1. Pauline is AMAZING!!! As a woman, it is hard to find good role models who are as confident as Pauline. She has not only role modeled this for me, she’s taught me how to do it myself. This is LIFE CHANGING. I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 17 years. Pauline’s ability to identify and clear out interference or blocks, is highly efficient and quick. This has not only helped me in my professional life with my clients, it has been transformational in my personal life.

    2. Pauline’s knowledge and personal experience with Walk Ins has been life changing for me. I learned about Walk Ins from various sources since my own Walk In experience back in 2013. My sessions with Pauline not only helped educate me on Walk Ins, she also helped me fully integrate to where I have more clarity, a tremendous increase in trusting my intuitive guidance, and I am more aligned with my life purpose. Within a few weeks of our first sessions I was able to be much more Sovereign, set clearer boundaries for myself and others, and be more aligned in my truth. I am now able to manifest and attract the people and things in my life that are in alignment with my soul’s mission and my highest potential!

    3. Pauline’s sessions have a been a gift to me from above- just when I needed it! Pauline’s ability to help me clear out the energies and parts of myself that were no longer useful have been life changing! Her empathy, kind heart and bad ass methods of setting boundaries and speaking truth are not only refreshing but inspiring. My life has been changed for the better in that I am more confident, have clearer boundaries, and I am much more aligned with the joy of my soul

Holly W.

I met Pauline in my Yoga Teacher training, she came to give us a talk on how to talk to our body.

For me it was impressive to see how I could really communicate with my body in a more tangible way.  She taught us how our body can answer “Yes” and “No” to our questions. That day I noticed that my body’s responses were not consistant and I decided I wanted to delve deeper into this topic and learn how to communicate better with my body.

So a few days later I contacted Pauline and asked her if she was taking appointments because I wanted to see her again and have a session with her.  At that point I did not know what I was looking for, but I knew that with her I was going to find the answer.  She made me feel very safe and quickly got me an appointment.

I met with her, not knowing what I was going to do, but I trusted since I met her at a time in my life in which I was in a deep process of healing and understanding myself, healing and forgiving.

The session was much deeper and more powerful than I imagined. She does a wonderful session where if there are energies that are inhabiting your physical body (guests) you can let them go from your physical body, since they occupy you a lot of energy and there are also times that the emotions you feel or the fears, are not yours, they are of those energies.

The session was two hours, I knew I was in the right place and with place, I mean Pauline. I realized there were energies inhabiting my body that were not mine, but they were there, subtle and hidden. With great teamwork, we managed to let them go, instead, to the cosmos. It was very beautiful meditative, energetic work.

That day I already felt different and it is something that cannot be explained with words. The words are too small to describe this experience.

The real magic started happening a few days later, there started to be changes in my life. One of them is that I stopped binging on bread and chocolate, I still enjoy chocolate a lot, but I no longer consume large amounts that hurts me. I started to honor my hair, I used to be very careless with it, I didn’t take care of it and I started to want to let go of my chinos and have them hydrated, that empowered me a lot as a woman. Exploring my femininity from a new perspective.

One of the big reasons why I approached Pauline is because I suffered a lot with stomach inflammation, for years, reaching a point of despair for having tried many doctors and many medicines without having any result.

In the following weeks I began to have a better relationship with food, eating with love, gratitude and respect and not with guilt and hatred. My body began to receive different food, it was something very simple, but I was not able to do it.  Now my stomach is no longer swollen and bloated, I feel light and comfortable with my body. This for me has been a gift, my lifestyle has changed because my belly is already very good. I went to many therapies for help and this is the first time that I really understood the cause and,better yet, that I actually managed to make a change in my life.

This is something that I recommend to everyone, it is an experience that everyone should have at some point in their life.   it has made a real change in my life, the way Pauline supports you and guides you during the session is very special. It is a great gift that you can give yourself, your mind, body and heart.

Thank you Pauline, for your patience, your love and your support.

With love

Ilse M.

Yo conocí a Pauline en mi certificación para profesores de yoga, ella fue a darnos una charla sobre cómo hablar con nuestro cuerpo.

Para mí fue impresionante ver como realmente podía comunicarme con mi cuerpo de forma más tangible. Nos enseñó como nuestro cuerpo puede decir sí o no a nuestras preguntas. Ese día noté que las respuestas de mi cuerpo no eran constantes y en ese momento supe que quería profundizar en este tema y aprender a comunicarme mejor con mi cuerpo.

Así que unos días después me comuniqué con Pauli y le pregunté que, si manejaba citas porque quería volverla a ver y tener una sesión con ella, hasta ese punto no sabía bien que era lo que buscaba, pero sabía que con ella iba a encontrar la respuesta. Ella me hizo sentir muy segura y me agendo rápidamente una cita.

Y así fue, unos días después fui a su espacio, sin saber bien a que iba, pero con toda mi confianza en ella, ya que justo la conocí en una etapa de mi vida en la que estaba en un proceso profundo de sanación y entendimiento a mi persona, sanando y perdonando.

La sesión fue mucho más profunda y poderosa que lo que yo imaginaba. Ella hace una sesión maravillosa donde si hay energías que están habitando en tu cuerpo físico (huéspedes) puedes dejarlos ir de tu cuerpo físico, ya que te ocupan mucha energía y también hay veces que las emociones que sientes o los miedos, no son tuyos, son de esas energías.

La sesión fue de dos horas, yo sabía que estaba en el lugar adecuado y con lugar, me refiero a Pauli. Logré darme cuenta que había energías habitando mi cuerpo que no eran mías, pero estaban ahí, sutiles, escondidas. Con un gran trabajo en equipo, logramos dejarlas ir, a su lugar, al cosmos. Fue un trabajo meditativo, energético muy hermoso.

Ese día ya me sentía diferente y es algo que con palabras no se puede explicar. Las palabras son muy pequeñas para poder describir esta experiencia.

La verdadera magia empezó a suceder unos días después, empezó a haber cambios en mi vida. Uno de ellos es que dejé de tener atracones de pan y chocolate, sigo disfrutando mucho el chocolate, pero ya no me atranco con grandes cantidades que me hacen daño. Empecé a honrar mi cabello, solía ser muy descuidada con él, no lo cuidaba y empecé a tener ganas de soltar mis chinos y tenerlos hidratados, eso me empoderó mucho como mujer. Explorando mi feminidad desde una nueva perspectiva.

Una de las grandes razones por las que me acerque con Pauli es porque sufría mucho con inflamación estomacal, por años, llegando a un momento de desesperación por haber probado muchos doctores y muchas medicinas sin tener un resultado favorecedor.

En las siguientes semanas empecé a tener una mejor relación con la comida, comiendo con amor, agradecimiento y respeto, al ingerir con amor y no con culpa y odio. Mi cuerpo empezó a recibir la comida diferente, era algo muy sencillo, pero yo no era capaz de hacerlo, ahora mi estómago esta desinflamado, me siento ligera y cómoda con mi cuerpo. Esto para mí ha sido un regalo, mi estilo de vida ha cambiado porque mi pancita ya está muy bien. Fui a muchas terapias por dicha situación y es la primera vez que realmente lo entiendo y mejor aún, que realmente logre hacer un cambio en mi vida.

Esto es algo que yo le recomiendo a todo el mundo, es una experiencia que todos deberían tener en algún punto de su vida, realmente ha hecho un cambio en mi vida, la forma en que Pauli te contiene y te orienta durante la sesión es muy especial. Es un gran regalo que puedes darte a ti mismo, a tu mente, cuerpo y corazón.

Gracias a Pauli, por su paciencia, su amor y su apoyo.

Con amor Ilse Mo.