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Women Wine & Money

I founded Women, Wine & Money, (WWM), in 2014 as a safe space to educate, empower and unite women in their Financial journey. The example/comparison I use is … like wanting to ask a question about something the teacher spoke about 30 minutes ago… its feels embarrassing and too late. We need information in a way we understand, but feel we’ll be judged for the timing and the question.

With so much pressure to make the right decisions and avoid mistakes, it’s hard to know who to trust. As women we are so incredibly capable! Why not learn to build your Financial Decision making Muscle so you trust in yourself and know how act in your own best interest? (in your ability to act in your own best interest?).

A WWM event starts at 6:30 with 30 minutes of a Wine & Cheese social. This is followed by the main event which is 30 – 40 minute educational presentation on issues that affect Women financially, followed by Question & Answer and Group discussion
Topics include:
· Acting in your own best interest
· Insurance 101 – Need what you have, Have what you need
· Estate Planning & What to expect as POA / Executor
· Legal Guest Speaker with Q & A
· Managing Taxes
· Maximizing your Cash Flow
· Retirement Planning – planning for what you want
· Support for the Sandwich Generation

Yes, there is wine, and chocolate!! With lots of laughs and authenticity, we will tackle navigating the real life issues that life brings our way. You will leave with specific, actionable items on your to-do list.

Events are Monthly, rotating on different days of the week. Please sign up to receive event notifications and RSVP.

To schedule a Women, Wine & Money event for your group of 12 or more women, please email me directly.


Money Talk

Money Talk is a Financial Education Workshop for Couples

I developed Money Talk because so often in my financial planning practice I see that money represents something entirely different for women than it does for men.  Sometimes to the point it’s like he & she are speaking different languages.

As women, we assign emotion to money…. our finances represent the safety and security of our families, not just dollars and cents.  It does not surprise me in the least that finances is one of the top causes of issues in relationships.

Add to this the fact that we were never “taught money”.  We learned French in school, we were taught how to drive a car but who educated us on finances?  What we do know we probably learned from our parents, maybe some business education and probably a healthy dose of trial & error.

Money Talk is for you if you would benefit from being on the same page as your partner regarding your Finances

Money Talk is a financial workshop for couples that will:

  1.        Show you the roadblocks in your communication about finances
  2.        Help you and your partner become more aligned when you talk about finances
  3.        Open the lines of communication about finances
  4.        Give you the knowledge and tools to productively talk about your finances
  5.        Build trust & rapport around your finances
  6.        Break through the barriers that are holding you back from new ways of thinking and being

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