About Pauline

Hi, I’m Pauline and here’s my story.

I had been married for almost 4 years, with an 11-month-old son, house, cars and cottage property when my marriage fell apart.  Very quickly I found myself unemployed in the middle of a very acrimonious divorce. I was a nervous wreck but took care of my son, found a job and carried on.

Fast forward 4 years.  Based on poor choices and decisions made by my Ex-husband I am now in a custody battle involving Children’s Aid, the Police and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.  Can you say “Stress”!!

As a single mom to my son 24/7, I maintained a challenging position in Sales / Marketing at the National level all the while maintaining my home.  Sadly, during this time I became the primary caregiver to my parents during their respective Cancer and Dementia diagnosis. As their situations progressed I stepped into the position of Power of Attorney and then Executrix upon their passings.

Wife, Homeowner, Mother, Employee, Tax Payer, Daughter, Caregiver, Power of Attorney, Executrix … I wore many, many hats.

It was the culmination of all these events that brought me to the realization that I never wanted anyone to navigate these circumstances the way I had …  figuring things out as I went, being emotional about money matters and not having a roadmap / financial plan for the future. This is when I went back to school and earned my Life License and Mutual Funds license to begin my career as a Financial Planner.

I understand that women have unique financial perspectives and challenges, whether single or within a relationship.    These challenges include seeking financial security and independence, especially while raising families and taking care of extended family.  My vast wealth of personal experience gives me tremendous insight and perspective which I use to relate to and benefit my clients.

As an Investment and Insurance licensed Financial Consultant, my passion is empowering my clients by providing support and education as they plan for and make financial decisions throughout their lives.

I enjoy and prioritize continuous learning in my personal and professional life and am actively pursuing my Federal Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Designation.  My “Certified Professional Consultant on Aging” designation training reinforces my personal experiences and allows me to better serve the needs of boomer and senior clients by facilitating the communication and transition of assets through family generations

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