Support for the Sandwich Generation (Dec 3rd)


Date: Tuesday December 3rd, 2019

Location: Margaret Bahen Hospice – Newmarket

Capacity: 30

Cost: $25 +HST

sand·wich gen·er·a·tion
individuals caught between the often conflicting demands of caring for children and caring for seniors

Providing support & care for sick and aging parents can be fulfilling, however, it is not without challenges. Taking on this role while raising and providing for our own children and families can feel overwhelming on many levels. As the sole parent to my 14-year-old, while supporting both parents who were experiencing Cancer and Dementia, I can relate.
Join us as we discuss the Emotional, Physical and Financial stresses that often arise, along with strategies and practical information for how best to manage your situation.

Join the amazing and dynamic women who, for the past 6 years, have made Financial Education fun and social!!



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